In 2005, the St. John Health System worked in conjunction with a local foundation on a vision to create a medical program to provide access for the uninsured indigent citizens of Tulsa County to a broad array of medical services. This vision became Tulsa Medical Access Program (MAP) and has grown to include a network of primary care clinics, physician specialists, and diagnostic services.

Now, many of the uninsured indigent Tulsa County citizens have the opportunity to receive much needed acute medical care.

MAP is a program faithful to the mission of the St. John Health System foundation by providing healthcare and related ministries for the people served, especially the sick, the poor and the powerless.

MAP provides access to medical services which serve the primary, diagnostics and specialty health care needs of the uninsured indigent population of the Tulsa County.



There are several programs available throughout the Tulsa County Community which provides primary care medical services for the uninsured indigent populations. MAP was created in support of these Primary Care clinics and physicians (PCP).

MAP serves as a tool facilitating access when acute/critical healthcare needs have been identified. MAP is not intended for chronic management of patient care. Each request for service must meet specific criteria and have approval prior to the rendering of that service.

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